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Marco Polo Cup


Cruise in the Med






Week 3, Reggio Calabria - Corsica, 19.10.2003 - 25.10.2003

 P1010911  P1010909  P1010939  P1010913  P1010961

Street scene in Reggio Calabria

Traditional Italian Folk Dance?

I beleive I can fly


Not everything should be thrown into a marine toilette

P1010970 P1010972 P1010975  DSCN0307 P1010992

Approaching Messina to quickly fill up the water tank.

But Ivo, this is the FUEL tank!!! Ivo: 'Ah, I was wondering why there is such a strong Diesel smell.'

Hours later: Luckily diesel and water separate well.

The name of this floating island is Constellation and she is around 950 foot long

Stromboli, the only permanently active volcano in Europe

P1011008 DSCN0294 P1011019 P1011077 P1011104
Steaming hot lava enters the sea. John Travolta at the helm

Sashimi Mediteranean Style

One of Italys America's Cup Yachts: Ivo's next boat?

Costa Esmeralda, Sardinia

 P1011121  P1011133 P1011137    

André enjoying the performance of John Travolta

La Maddalena:
Guardia di Finanza, Guardia Costiera...: We were always well guarded in Italy.

Traditional Italian Sailing Vessel in La Maddalena